Why do I have a Dragon software license, invoices, invoice software, invosicing software

By Alex Chui (CryptoCurrency News)Dragon is one of the most popular software licensees and is widely used by corporations and government agencies worldwide.Dragon has been licensed by the US government and several European countries for more than two decades.Dragon Software has had an active licensing program in place for over a decade, but recently it […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against an Invoicing Software Attack

We all know that antivirus companies like Kaspersky Lab and Avast often target customers of its competitors.Kasperska, for example, recently said that it had been targeted by AVAST, the largest antivirus vendor.Kaspersky’s chief executive, Eugene Kaspersko, told The Verge that his company had recently received an email from Avast, which was sent after Kasperski’s company’s […]

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What the world’s biggest tech companies think of Google and Microsoft

What do Google and Facebook have in common?Are they really so different?What do they have in mind for the future of the technology industry?That’s the question we’re asking ourselves now as we look at the Google-Microsoft relationship.The tech giants are already doing business with each other in the US.We’ve seen a few hints of a […]

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Google is working on a ‘dragons software’ that lets you rent cars from car rental companies in China

Google is reportedly working on the “dragons” software, which would let you rent vehicles from car-rental companies in mainland China.The company is working with China-based car rental company Citi Auto and a Chinese car rental app provider, according to Axios, citing sources familiar with the matter.Google said last month that it had hired the Citi […]

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