MSNBC’s new online video platform is set to debut soon

MSNBC is moving to expand its video recording platform into a new website.The platform, dubbed Razer, will debut soon on, the new web portal announced Tuesday.The site is designed to connect subscribers to a host of programming from the news and entertainment industry, with more content to be added later.Razer will allow users to […]

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Which streaming software is right for you?

Twitch streaming software developer Twitch has confirmed that it is making a standalone app for streaming video, following the launch of its own video-sharing service.The app will not be available until the end of 2018, when it will join other streaming services such as Google’s YouTube and Netflix’s Ustream.“We are building a streaming app for […]

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Which is the best writing software?

It depends.For some, it’s probably Notepad++, for others, you could try Writer’s Note, and for others it’s Notepad, Word, or even Microsoft Word.What’s important, though, is that each of these tools is designed to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations, so that you can get the most out of them.That […]

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Student software maker ’embroidered’ after its ’embraced’ software

The embroideries, which can be found in almost every school computer, are designed to make students look like they are having fun.But students at the University of California, Berkeley, have been complaining about the embroidered software they have been using since February.The embroiders are designed by an online school called Dream-Schools, and the ember-shaped design […]

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