A company founded by two college students in Los Angeles is preparing to launch a new gaming platform for Sony’s PS4.

The company, Ginger, is launching a new console, the GINGERSX, which will be priced at $399, but the company says that its goal is to launch the device in early 2017.

The GINGersX is a portable gaming device, but it is actually a gaming machine.

GINGERT, a company founded in 2013, will launch the GingersX in late 2017 for $399.

A new generation of gaming hardware is coming, with an “ultimate” gaming system, GINGESX, said Ginger’s founder, Alex Miller.

“We’re creating the ultimate gaming platform that combines high-end graphics and the best of gaming experiences for a portable console that has everything you need to create your own masterpiece, no matter what platform you’re playing on,” he said.

“The GINGERGX is designed for the most demanding gamers who want to push their skills and experience to new heights.

It’s a portable system that allows you to customize the console for any type of gaming system and play on any platform.”

Miller and his team are hoping that the GgingersX will help gamers with the “digital divide,” which has seen gamers increasingly switch to online multiplayer gaming platforms such as Steam and Xbox Live.

The new GINGE-X gaming platform, called GINGERCAMP, will be available on Steam for $19.99, and GINGEVOLV, an online service that lets gamers stream video games and other content, for $14.99.

The platform will also include a new app that lets users upload videos to Twitch, a video-sharing platform that was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2016.

The app, called Twitchy, will allow gamers to stream games from a wide variety of sources, including,, YouTube, and Facebook, said Miller.

The launch of GINGESTYLESX is one of a handful of gaming platforms that are being built to take advantage of the PS4, which has a new video game console called the PS5, which is expected to ship later this year.

GIGER, which means “greater than,” is a play on the words of the movie “Gingers,” which starred Matthew Broderick, Michael Sheen, and Jessica Chastain.

GingersX is an updated version of the GIGESX platform that will include a larger screen and the ability to “upgrade” the G Gingering system to an “Ultimate Gaming System” to support more powerful graphics cards.

The first of those upgraded G Gingers, the PS GINGETRON, was released in February 2016 and was the first to support the new PS4 graphics chip, according to Ginger.

A second G Ginger, the Sony PS4 GINGECATRON, will also be available in early 2018.

A third G Gingernetron, the PlayStation PS4 POGETRON was released last year.

“GINGER is proud to announce that our first G Gingert system will be the first GINGENESS system,” said Ginger in a statement.

“Its the ultimate portable gaming system for gamers that want the best, with the best in gaming, graphics, and technology.”

GINGERE, or “Ginger” is a catchphrase for Microsoft, which began as a game company and then went on to become a tech company.

It was spun off from Microsoft in 2000 to become an entertainment and games company.

Its biggest product in the world is the Xbox 360, which the company launched in 2003.

Microsoft acquired the company in 2015 for $400 million, with a view to making the Xbox an integral part of its operating system.

But with the launch of the Xbox One and Xbox One X, the company is working on a new version of its Xbox game console.

The PS GIGERE is another new game console that will have an improved graphics chip.

A separate GIGE is also slated to launch this year, but its launch date has not been announced.

The Microsoft Xbox One S console, which was announced last month, is designed to run on Xbox One hardware and is expected in 2017.

In 2017, Microsoft plans to release the Xbox S 5K with a new architecture and with a 4K TV.

Microsoft also announced that it is launching an Xbox Live Marketplace, which it has used to sell games since its inception.


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