Google’s new news site is a bit like a podcast app

Google’s newest news app, Newsroom, is a little like a podcaster’s podcast app, but with a bit more structure and a bit less emphasis on RSS feeds.

The result is a news site that seems to be on a collision course with a new RSS platform.

The idea behind Newsroom is to build a “news feed” that users can “follow” by scrolling down and selecting the “News” tab, as well as to create and share lists of stories and posts.

Newsroom is built on the existing Google News API, a way to integrate news and current events in a very simple way.

There’s a nice overview on Google’s website about how it works, and you can check out the Google docs for more details.

Newsroom’s new interface doesn’t quite replicate the way the old API looked, but it’s still pretty similar.

Google also has a new “Newsfeed” section on the main Newsroom home page.

It’s not a particularly compelling experience, but the feature seems to provide some functionality Google isn’t quite using yet, and it’s nice to see it getting a look.

On the left side of the Newsroom screen, there’s a list of News items.

At the top of the list, you can click on the “Follow” button to add a story to your Newsfeed.

After clicking on a story, you’ll be shown the new News tab that you can choose from.

From there, you have the option to “Follow”, “Skip” or “Unfollow”.

When you click on “UnFollow”, News will automatically delete the story.

If you click “Follow,” News will also display a message box that you’ll need to click through to see what news stories were “unfollowed” (which will show up on your News feed).

The message box will say “You may have to click on this message box to follow” if you follow a story that you don’t like, but if you ignore the message, you won’t see the message anymore.

When Newsroom was first launched, the default settings were a bit confusing.

You could follow stories by scrolling up and down on the News tab, but there was no way to scroll down and select a story.

There were also some options that seemed to prevent News from being displayed when you clicked on a News item, like the ability to show the main story in the sidebar instead of just the News item.

That all changed when Newsroom 1.0 was released last month.

You can see that the News screen has changed to more closely resemble the old News app.

It shows the main news item, as does the sidebar.

You also get the option of “Unignore”, which tells News to not show up in the News feed if you don “unignore” the story in question.

There’s also a “Like” button that you click to show News as a news item on your Timeline.

Now, on the right side of Newsroom.

While News is always going to be a more prominent feature of the new app, there are a couple of things that make News feel like a less powerful experience than before.

One of the most notable differences is that there are now more than 100 news topics.

Instead of just showing News items from the “All” section of the main menu, you now have a “Story” section.

The sidebar is still the main page, but instead of a list you can scroll to the left and see the top stories on that topic.

You’ll also now have the ability “Follow Stories” to get a list if you scroll down to the bottom of the story list.

Finally, News now uses the RSS format for its news content.

I have a couple more questions for you.

First, why the change to the RSS-based news format?

I’ve always been a fan of RSS.

It allows us to build RSS feeds without having to install any software.

This allows us the flexibility to build the feed as we want, instead of having to keep a set of settings in a file and not be able to update it when we change the feed.

In my opinion, RSS is one of the more important features of RSS and I think it should be a standard.

Second, how does Newsline make its money?

I have no idea.

Google has not disclosed any numbers for its News revenue, but I think the most likely figure is somewhere around $3 billion a year.

That’s not great, but not terrible.

A quick side note: I’m a bit biased here, since I’ve been a big fan of Google News and its recent updates to the Google News interface.

What’s next?

If you’re a news junkie, you may want to give Newsroom a try.

It seems like Google has been working on a lot of new features for Newsroom lately, and the company


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