Google’s new software testing tools will help users recover data after data breach

Google has rolled out a suite of software testing and diagnostic tools to help users get the most out of its data recovery tools.

The company says it will be releasing the tools at the end of the month. 

The tools will be able to test the integrity of data in the case of a data breach, identify malware and help users find missing data in a system. 

Google is also launching a free service that will help companies manage their data in case of data breaches.

Google is the first company to roll out the new suite of testing tools after the Federal Government announced a new national data breach notification scheme in February. 

A key part of the scheme will be the roll-out of a new service that the company says will help it “identify and report any data breaches, identify new malware and malware threats and identify any new data security risk” within 30 days of the breach.

Google says it has also announced the creation of a team of experts that will be “working with governments, industry, the private sector and academia to provide data protection and privacy training”.

The company is also rolling out the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud service to allow users to create custom and private clouds of services.

The GCP platform will be open source and free for anyone to use and build on. 

It will be used to provide services to developers to help them build out new and improved services, according to Google.

“We have seen many large enterprises and large businesses, as well as large data centers, that rely on GCP to manage their security and business continuity plans,” a Google spokesperson said.

“This is a great opportunity for enterprises to benefit from a secure, scalable, and transparent platform that will deliver a better experience for their users.”


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