How to keep your eyes on malware threats

Microsoft may have found itself in the position of being unable to stop the spread of a ransomware attack.

But if it is going to be able to do that, it is time to start thinking about what the company can do about the problem.

In an article posted on the company’s blog on Wednesday, Microsoft announced plans to create an “anti-malware platform” that will allow users to download and install anti-malicious software.

The platform will be powered by an “intelligence community” of partners and partners of Microsoft, Microsoft said.

It is unclear how exactly the company will do this.

Some cybersecurity experts have suggested that it may be a combination of cloud services and other technologies, while others have suggested a combination.

The new platform will probably be similar to the one that was created for Microsoft Azure.

But Microsoft has not made it clear what it is doing with the platform, or what it plans to do with it.

It did not provide any further details about what exactly the platform will contain.

It will likely be based on a “new, open-source intelligence infrastructure” that it hopes will help it solve other cybersecurity challenges, Microsoft wrote.

The company said that Microsoft will “enable developers to write their own cloud services to protect the integrity of their applications.”

Microsoft’s blog post described a “cloud service architecture” that is similar to one that exists at other companies.

The blog post did not say how the platform is going do that.

Microsoft will have to partner with other companies, such as Google and Facebook, to offer its platform.

It is unclear if Microsoft will offer the platform in the same way that Google offers its Chrome browser or that Facebook offers its Messenger app.

Microsoft is also not providing a release date for the platform.

The company has not released a version of the software that will be available for use on Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 10, and it has not said when it will make that software available.

Microsoft has said that its software should be available on “any operating system,” but it has made no public statements about its plans for Windows 10.

The platform, which Microsoft has been working on for about a year, will be the company to provide “critical security updates for millions of Microsoft customers,” the blog post said.

Microsoft is planning to use its own security tools to make sure that all its customers’ software is secure, the company wrote.

In a statement, Microsoft confirmed that it is working on the platform but said that it did not know when it would release it.

Microsoft also said that the company is “committed to helping customers protect themselves, and we’re working with partners to help them create a platform that is secure and secure on any platform.”

The company will also make a “significant investment in cybersecurity capabilities to protect our systems and systems that run on Microsoft products,” the statement said.


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