Microsoft is buying Mind Map Analytics for $400M

Microsoft is getting into the gaming analytics market with the acquisition of the startup, Mind Map.

Microsoft is acquiring Mind Map for $4.2 billion, with a valuation of $4 billion, Microsoft announced Thursday.

The acquisition will include a 60 percent stake in Mind Map and the remaining 60 percent in a new joint venture called Mind Maps Analytics.

Mind Maps is currently a subsidiary of a smaller startup called Mindmap.

Microsoft acquired Mind Map in July of last year for $500 million, in a deal that included the company’s $250 million cash investment in Mind Maps.

Mind Map’s product has a variety of applications, including social networking, online gaming, and data analytics.

It can analyze your gaming habits, such as whether you play games in a particular game type, or if you play online multiplayer games, and what games you have been playing recently.

Microsoft has been trying to get its software out into more than 20 million users in the last few years, according to TechCrunch.

The company also has a number of apps that track people’s activity on social media, including OneNote and LinkedIn.

Microsoft has been experimenting with its software for several years, including offering a tool for developers in early 2016.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Mind Map comes at a time when the gaming industry is still recovering from the fallout from the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, which left 50 people dead and several others injured.

Microsoft’s new acquisition is also the latest indication that Microsoft’s focus on the gaming space is paying off, as it continues to add games and services to the Xbox One, its console, and the Windows 10 PC operating system.

Microsoft is also looking to expand its Xbox division, which will include games for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows 10.


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