Oracle’s latest software will help your business win in the world of mobile software

Oracle is adding two new software products to its software portfolio, bringing its total software offerings to four, a move that comes as the Oracle Business Suite software portfolio expands to more than 20 applications.

The new software is Oracle Dragon software and Oracle Business Solutions Suite software, the company said Thursday.

The Oracle Business Services Suite is the company’s digital strategy suite for companies that need to make strategic business decisions quickly, and Oracle Dragon is aimed at the digital world.

Oracle Dragon lets customers focus on real-time business performance while Oracle Business Software Suite is designed for businesses that need fast access to enterprise information technology.

The products come as Oracle prepares to launch its new mobile software offerings that focus on cloud computing, analytics and artificial intelligence, Oracle said.

The company will unveil the new Oracle Business services Suite and Dragon software at an event on Oct. 1 in Boston.

Oracle Dragon will be available starting with the Oracle Database Enterprise Suite and Oracle Database Professional Suite, the latest version of Oracle’s software suite, Oracle Chief Executive Officer Jim Anderson said.

Oracle DBEs will be bundled with Oracle Business Solution Suite, Oracle Business Service Suite, and Dragon.

Oracle Business Tools will be a “key software for managing Oracle DBE applications,” Anderson said in a statement.

Oracle DBEs are used by Oracle employees, developers and administrators, as well as businesses and consumers, to manage business information and data.

They can be used to manage database, database operations, databases and data storage, software and hardware.

The Oracle Business Applications Suite is for use by businesses that are looking for quick access to the Oracle database and data, including small businesses and non-profits.

Oracle will sell the Oracle DBAs as part of its Oracle DBEX program.

Oracle Business Solutions is for businesses and organizations that want to use Oracle DBEx software to run applications.

Oracle plans to make Oracle Business solutions software available on Windows and OS X platforms.

The software includes a database management application, software development tools, and analytics and data mining software.

The new Oracle DBES software will be free of charge to customers of Oracle Business Enterprise Software, and will be included with Oracle DBX, Oracle DB2 and Oracle DB3, the software suites that provide a similar cloud-based business software solution, Oracle Corp. said.


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