Software developer who got sued by US government claims that his software ‘created a virus’

By Steve Belledin, Bloomberg Businessweek title Software Developer who Got Ripped by US Government Claims that His Software ‘Created a Virus’ article Google Inc. software engineer Rajesh Agrawal has been sued in the United States for alleged copyright infringement.

The claim is based on an email Agrawals alleged that he sent to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) that claimed the software he worked on created a “virus.”

Agraws lawsuit was filed last week in a San Francisco federal court.

In a statement, the company said that Agrawl “made several attempts to contact the OCR about the software, but his requests were not acted upon.

He subsequently sent several e-mails to the OCPR that claimed that he created a virus in his code.

The software was not an unauthorized modification of any software that was in the public domain.

The code was written in Python and it was submitted for review by a third party who was not affiliated with the company.”

The complaint against Agrawls software says that Agra was notified that the code was “contaminated” and that “there is no known cure.”

The lawsuit says that in addition to his alleged infringement of Agrawlis copyright, the software also violates “U.S. Patent Nos.

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