Microsoft is now the world’s biggest tech company: Axios

The world’s largest technology company is now on the same page as Apple as to its plans to become the world leader in digital services.In a research report on Monday, Axios, a financial newsletter, said Microsoft (MSFT) has overtaken Google (GOOGL) as the world biggest tech firm, overtaking Google’s (GPRO) valuation of $US8.4 trillion.The valuation […]

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Free design software makes its debut on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 is finally here and it looks like we’ve got a free, open source version of its core suite of productivity tools.Microsoft announced a new set of features for the operating system on Wednesday that will allow users to edit documents using the program’s free Creative Cloud platform. For example, users will be able to […]

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How to get rid of deepfake, deepfakes, deepps4, deepweb software

Google News Australia title How you can get rid the deepfake and deepps3 systems article GoogleNewsAustralia title How do I remove deepfake software from a pc?article Google news Australia title What you need to know about the new deepfake system article Deepfake, a program used by Google to hide the origins of websites, has been […]

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How to make a keyboard for $60, and it’s actually pretty easy

You may have seen the new Corsair keyboards on the shelves of retailers across the country, but they’re still quite a bit more expensive than what you’ll find at other keyboard manufacturers.Here’s how to make one for $50 or less with a bit of luck and a little tinkering.Read more about:

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