Which mouse is best for writing, editing, and sharing?

We’re in the early days of the iPad era, and we have yet to see any major changes in the industry.But if we were to use a few of the latest products, what would we use?Here are our picks.The Apple Pencil Apple’s Pencil has been a staple for many years, but in recent years, it […]

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When the Devil Will Not Sing: A Look at the Software Developer Job Market

Redragon mouse Software Developer jobs are booming.This past week, the company added about 3,000 new positions in its software development department.This puts the company on track to have almost 6,000 positions open by the end of the year.The Redragon team has been busy adding new features to the software.For instance, the latest update, version 1.0.0, […]

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How to run Windows 10 Remote Desktop on a Mac

The Microsoft operating system includes a feature called Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that lets remote desktop software use the computer’s mouse to send commands to the computer.But when running Windows 10, the remote desktop interface also runs on your Mac, and the system cannot access the mouse.For the best results, Microsoft recommends that you install […]

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How to find out how much stock you have in your company, stock analyst writes

If you are a professional stock analyst or a small business owner, chances are you have heard about stock prices and their potential effects on your financial future.The concept is pretty simple.Stock prices are based on the prices of companies.In the stock market, companies are traded on the exchange.If the stock price of a company […]

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Redragon Mouse Software: ‘A lot of things are on the table’

REDROCK MOUSE SOFTWARE, N.Y. — A lot is on the line for the Redragon mouse as the software maker prepares to release its next generation of software.The company has been working on its new mouse for the past six months, and the company has not announced a release date.Redragon’s first major product, called Redragon M-MATE, […]

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