What do you get when you mix gopros software with twitch streaming software?

Gopro, the maker of Twitch streaming software, is reportedly working on a game that could be available to Apple TV users.

The company announced today that it’s partnering with Twitch, an online streaming service owned by Amazon.

It’s a big deal for Twitch, as Gopros products can be found in Apple’s streaming apps, and Twitch recently bought Twitch.tv.

The partnership could give Twitch a foothold in the market.

Twitch’s first app, Twitch Plays Pokemon, is available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, but the platform currently only supports Android devices.

Twitch has also launched a Twitch Plays Nintendo Switch app, which is not yet available to the platform.

In addition, Goprop has a Twitch.TV app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Twitch also partnered with YouTube for the release of a free iOS app in 2018, which allows users to watch live video from Twitch, and a Twitch TV app for Windows and Linux.

Goproxy said it would announce the game on Friday.

We have to wait for Twitch to announce it to be sure, but we hope it’s coming soon.

Gobi is the first platform to support Twitch and Apple’s Twitch app, but Twitch has previously announced that it would release an Android app sometime in the next few months.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Twitch co-founder and CEO Michael Rapaport said that the partnership with Twitch could pave the way for other streaming platforms to start supporting Apple TV.


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