What the world’s biggest tech companies think of Google and Microsoft

What do Google and Facebook have in common?

Are they really so different?

What do they have in mind for the future of the technology industry?

That’s the question we’re asking ourselves now as we look at the Google-Microsoft relationship.

The tech giants are already doing business with each other in the US.

We’ve seen a few hints of a relationship that could become much more substantial in the coming years.

That’s because they both have big business and huge marketing budgets, and they both see the tech industry as a source of growth and revenue.

So while the tech companies may be different in many ways, they’re all on the same side of the same war.

They have all the same goals, and all are focused on doing what is best for their respective business.

Their common interest is that the tech sector is the engine of economic growth in the United States.

They both want to drive growth for themselves and their business, and to keep that growth going.

For both Google and the Microsofts, it’s not that they’re not interested in a long-term relationship.

Both companies have a long history of partnerships with US government agencies and local governments that have benefited the American economy.

Both are also eager to see what happens in the rest of the world, and how it will affect their future business prospects.

The key differences between the tech giants and the US tech sector The two tech giants have different goals, which makes them both different.

Google wants to be the leading technology platform, while Microsoft wants to build the future that all of us will be living in.

Google’s goal is to be in the business of creating the future.

Microsoft’s goal has been to create the future itself.

Google is focused on building a technology platform that can help solve the problems of tomorrow.

Microsoft is focused the way most companies are, on building the next big thing.

Both have similar ambitions, but they’re also different.

Microsoft wants its own computing platform, which will be able to deliver a new way of working.

Google has a different goal: To make sure that the world continues to exist, that we live in a world that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

And that’s the core of their relationship.

Google and its US business partner Microsoft are both interested in driving growth for their companies and in driving their growth in other markets.

Their goal is not to win the war on terrorism, or any other global geopolitical competition.

Their goals are to continue to be relevant to the world and to make sure it’s possible for everyone to get the things they need.

The relationship between Google and other tech giants is not the same as the relationship between Microsoft and the CIA.

It’s not a matter of “Can we do it better?” or “Can they do it more?”

Google and many of the other tech companies that Google partners with are not interested solely in building a new technology platform.

They’re interested in making sure that everyone can use Google’s products and services and make sure they’re safe and secure.

Google sees the need for an open, free, and open society.

Microsoft sees the importance of the internet for everyone.

They see the need to help create a secure, reliable, and secure world.

Google, on the other hand, sees the necessity for a government-run internet and a world in which people are able to access the world.

The two companies are trying to do the same things, but the stakes are very different.

The stakes are much higher in the technology sector because of the huge amount of money that Microsoft and Google make from the American government.

Google makes billions of dollars a year from the US government, and Microsoft makes billions from its US partner, the US military.

Both of those companies also see the US as a major market for their technology and software.

That means that, like any business, Google has to do what it can to ensure that its products and its services are available in all parts of the country, regardless of the political or social climate in the country where it’s produced.

Google also has a lot of money to play with.

Google alone has billions of users around the world who use its products, and its products are used by millions of people.

Google doesn’t want to see that growth slowing down.

It wants to keep expanding.

In the past, Google had a much better relationship with the US federal government than it does now.

Google was part of the Bush administration’s war on terror, and Google helped create the government’s digital wiretap program.

Google even had access to the Pentagon’s digital surveillance program, and the company helped build the Defense Intelligence Agency’s network of computer network-management tools.

When President George W. Bush signed into law the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001, Google was the only tech company that could help the government spy on everyone.

In 2009, Google and others joined together to fight the FISA Amendments Act.

That bill was passed in response to the 9/11 attacks and allowed the


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